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Paula Centofanti graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a master in Medical Science and a Bachelors in Physician Assistant. She completed her undergraduate studies at Otterbein College, receiving a B.S in Sports Medicine Arts and Sciences.

Paula has spent 15 years as a full-time Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant  while obtaining a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr Andrew Weil . Once she completed that she  become Certified in Functional Medicine through IFM and Dr Kalish’s program. Paula has also studied psychotherapy and has become a Transformational Life Coach to be able to go deeper with her patients and to heal at ALL levels. 

It is her passion to share with you all of her knowledge, training, personal and patient experiences to get you back to your optimal health. Being able to heal herself with these lifestyle and mindset practices, motivates her to want to share all that she knows so that you too can live and elevated life. The goal is to attempt to feel alive in every moment , even during trying times. Having the skills to apply to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing is the key. Life throws us curve balls all the time, it is how you chose to react that determines your well being.  . She will start with focusing on Gut health, initially to get you feel better fast: This will promote;

  • A proper functioning autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system (healthy, calm state of being and emotional intelligence) and a diet  supplemented with proper enzymes and healthy organic foods. 
  • She recommends a combination of exercises and different movements of the body such as walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, spending some time in nature and getting adequate sunshine. This improves digestion and your metabolism.
  • A healthy stomach increases your immune system and acts as anti-aging and anti inflammatory, which creates a balanced emotional state in the process. We will address this in detail. 
  • She encourage a supportive network of relationships with friends and family to maintain momentum. And of course,  a healthy relationship with yourself is critical to your overall health. 

She feels excited to bring her decades of medical knowledge to her own clinic, True Source Healing.  

Wonder If True Source Healing Is Right For You?

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not True Source Healing is right for you.